Western Medicine vs. Eastern Medicine

Well, the past week has been a little more exhausting than I thought it would have been. I tried to do yoga last weekend and it made my chest hurt. I had to make a run for the inhaler within 10 minutes. Not exactly what I was hoping for. I spent most of my week sleeping when I wasn’t working and using the inhaler 3-4 times a day. I emailed my amazing pulmonologist to tell him what was going on and he wrote back with this.

“Unfortunately, this “organizing pneumonia” seen on biopsy does not always resolve on its own.  I probably should have explained better, but an organizing pneumonia is not a pneumonia in the infectious sense per se.  It’s a description of the way the tissue looks under the microscope.  Sometimes it can be caused by an infection which is why we got the cultures and fungal blood work.  Sometimes it can be caused by an underlying rheumatologic condition or vasculitis, but none of that was seen on your lab work.  And sometimes, it can just happen to you and we don’t know why.”

He also informed me that I can take prednisone to help with the inflammation, but he wanted me to think about it.

So, where are we still the unknown… I am looking more towards my digestion as I work through this. Our digestion is our life force. It is where my psoriasis comes from. It could be what is causing this. I have had many blatant signs that this is what is going on. I am leaning more towards not taking the prednisone because I feel it will be masking the problem. I have decided to also see a chinese medicine doctor to add some eastern medicine to my life. It seems that the general consensus among my loved ones is to do this as well. Today I got confirmation on my decision from the book I am currently reading. 

So here I am… any thoughts?

What are your thoughts?

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